A View from Above

Adili and his students practice on a wire 25m above the ground inside this auditorium. It would require a certain level of fitness, not to mention small body size, to climb this ladder to the top of the wall. I managed to climb up with my backpack on, getting stuck a few times as the bag got caught on the sides. Camera equipment and tripod had to be hauled up with a pulley. Praying hard nothing drops on the way up.

Once on the top, Adili was full of ideas as to how we should film him. Already a media savvy celebrity, he suggested tying the DV camera to one end of his balancing pole for a side shot. Great suggestion. I crossed my fingers again and handed the DV cam over.

We had to make our poor guest perform a few times with the DV on one side of his pole because we realized after the first round, that the DV cam wasn't properly focused. Yea, its almost like capturing a great kodak moment and then realizing later that the camera wasn't even turned on. But in this case, it was ok because this veteran tightrope walker could do a few more flips on the high wire, no sweat.

But for me, the climb up and down the neverending ladder was enough to keep me off the stairmaster for a while.

You can watch the feature on Adili Wuxor on the Artsworld program here.

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