Meeting Man on the Wire

I was in Xinjiang for a week a few months back. So far, the only warning that I got from friends who knew I was there was - be careful of terrorist attacks. And that was just because of a few isolated cases of bombings that happened last year.

I was there to interview Adili Wuxor, celebrity tightrope walker and Guiness World Record Holder. He now has 5 world records under his belt, including walking on the highest altitude, longest distance, and longest amount of time on the tightrope. He has even survived 25 days on the tightrope, only eating and sleeping in a makeshift hut on one end of the rope and performing on the rope during the day.

We spent 3 days in the capital of Urumqi and another 2 days in the old city of Kashgar, following the life of Uyghur acrobat, Adili Wuxor.

This is a picture with Adili among the apricot blossoms in his hometown. Covered in yellow dirt from head to toe, we had a piece of Kashgar to take home with us in the form of sand.

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