Meet Tiger and Liu

7:03 am
I was called up to coordinate the shooting of Tiger Woods' tour in Beijing early that morning. I rushed to meet the crew within half an hour and we were waiting for Tiger Woods at the entrance of the hotel, along with 8 other vans with tinted windows, by 8am. The whole Nike golf team was there with their fancy hi-tech Nike-designed outfits. I recalled the email from our Exec Producer - PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY CLOTHING WITH A BRAND NAME ON IT, UNLESS IT IS NIKE. Of course, I'd love to flaunt my Nikes from head to toe to fit in with the team, but I don't think my Nike pants from the Silk Market can pull it off.

9:05 am
We moved on to the New Otani Hotel to film Tiger and Liu Xiang at the gym. The front door was already lined with burly men in black suits and earpieces. And they must be at least 1.9m tall. Very helpful fellas who can carry our huge cases of equipment with just one hand. Love it when they have events with such services.

1:31 pm
"We gotta go. Go, go, go..." Timing was spot on. I took my chopsticks out of the noodles that had just arrived before me and muttered a silent goodbye. The cameramen had finished filming at the gym and had to follow Tiger to the Olympic stadium.

We drove over to the Birds Nest where things got a bit more interesting. It's photo shoot time for Tiger and Liu Xiang. The video crew had to film a behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot. As the cameramen shot behind the scenes, I was doing a behind the behind-the-scenes for them.
"I'm going to shoot Tiger from there. Take a picture of me with him," whispered our cameraman. Okay, say cheese.

3:12 pm
Next destination, Peking University. We arrived at the university in a row of 10 unmarked vehicles with heavily tinted windows. As soon as the vans stopped, we were swarmed. Students had their faces plastered on the windows of the vans, poking and pointing at us on the inside. "Is that him? Who is this, is it him?!" Our cameraman smiled and waved from the inside. "They must think we're some celebrity too!"

Coincidentally, we had a Nike staff who bears an eerie resemblance to Prison Break star, Michael Schofield. It would cause a stampede if he went out of the car right there. We had to go around the campus a few times before getting dropped off somewhere where the mob was not in sight. We had no idea how Tiger and Liu got into the auditorium but it was already filled up like a big party when we got in. The forum lasted more than an hour with Tiger and Liu Xiang talking about their passion for sports.

Immediately after getting out of the university, I had to make sure our cameramen made it to the airport to catch the next flight out to Seoul. "Aren't you guys going on the private jet with Tiger? They're still eating at the restaurant," says the driver. I looked at our cameraman, "Are u?" "I wish."

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