Olympics Day 11: Circus and Sideshows

Day 11 of the games and the crowd outside the Olympic green remained strong, and varied. There are many reasons to take a walk outside the stadium. For one, you can definitely find dozens of scalpers displaying tickets for sale. Just hang around outside any venue and I am sure you can get yourself some tickets to watch the games. And just for the hell of it, entertain yourself with the sideshows that come along with the Olympics. Like any circus, the Olympic sideshow has its own clowns and freaks.

We met some interesting characters that day -- Bruce Lee, the emperor and his eunuch, and a strange guy that makes you stare at him while you count the number of reasons to justify your urge to laugh. All these people have come from different parts of China and they are here to display their artwork and handmade souvenirs in support of the Beijing Olympics.

The outer perimeters of the stadium is also a good place to source for innovative entrepreneurs and performers. These guys in the picture are advertising their own hands-free binoculars. Interested? You can buy one off them and watch the games from the furthest seat in the stadium. Hands-free.

But then again, not everyone gets their promotional strategies correct. This 'handicapped' lady obviously didn't pay much attention in her Acting 101 class. With her legs crossed and sitting on a wheelchair, can we not tell what is wrong...or right...with her? If you can cross your legs, lady, you can definitely do the moonwalk. Sympathy points out the window.

And irony no.2, she was waving her 2 tickets while sitting cross-legged on a wheelchair, next to a sign that says: Scalping of Olympic tickets is prohibited, and any breach should be punished accordingly to relevant laws and regulations.

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